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Novelty for the ventilation trade

Accessories for roof air intake units

The novelty in our offer are profiles for roof air intake units - frames and feather made also of zinc-coated steel sheets and of stainless steel. Those esential parts are used for production a ventilation louvers, which can be installed in ventilation ducts or walls. 

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Novelty for the ventilation trade

Suspension profiles

We produce suspension profiles used to henging rectangular ventilation ducts.
We offer profiles in 4 sizes

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New products

Flexible insulated aluminium duct


Flexible insulated aluminium duct - used in air transportation in ventilation and air-conditioning. Applying these pipes reduces noise and vibrations of the instalation and need to use fittings.

Pipes constraction sustains of:

  • Inner layer - narrowly perforated pipe

  • Izolation coat - mineral wool 25mm

  • Outer protection is built with the multi-layer coat of the laminated aluminium strengthened with the glass fibre

Furthermore construction comprises additionally the steam-proof inner layer of the polyester foil.

New products

Profiles and angles used in the production of ventilation ducts

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In July 2006 we began production of profiles P20 and P30, corners S20 and S30 made of zinc steel. These profiles are used in production of ractangular ventilation ducts. Way of profiling used gives profiles P20 and P30 high rigidity also while using 0,7mm steel sheets. We are producing profiles also made of stainless steel. Soon our offer will be widened by profile P40
Novelty in our offer is grating slat made of zinced as well as stainless steel shets. The grating slat is used in production of ventilation gratings.


2006 Baufach Trade Fairs

In February we exhibited our products at the Polish stand at Baufach Trade Fairs in Lipsk (Leipzig). Baufach is a reputable, local event, which is targeted at customers from eastern lands of Germany. These Fairs are organised in new and impressive buildings. The Polish stand together with the accompanying Polish – German forum constituted a strong accent during this event.



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